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Plain Tapes

About Printmytape

Printmytape is an established manufacturer of printed tapes in India, based in Daman. Since 2019, we have been providing the industry with the lowest MOQ for printed tapes starting from just 1 Box, along with the most affordable prices. This makes us the perfect choice for small-scale businesses, allowing them to get access to quality printed tapes at a price they can afford. With our commitment to quality, fast delivery, and customer satisfaction, you can count on us to provide you with the best printed tape solutions.

Best Manufacturer of Custom Printed Tape in India

We are the best printed tape manufacturer in India, offering a wide variety of custom printed tapes in all sizes. We can print any color of your choice, and make any length of tape to your exact specifications. Our tapes are of the highest quality and will make your products stand out from the rest. With our custom printed tape, you can create a unique and attractive package for your products.

High-Quality Custom Printed Packaging Tapes in India

At Printmytape, we know the importance of the best quality packaging tapes used for packing precious items so that the material packed doesn't get damaged and at the same time it also helps in securely delivering your products. 

We offer best and high quality printed BOPP Tape which makes your packaging strong and durable at the same time giving it the best look and advertising your brand on the outside. Our tapes are made of BOPP Film & acrylic adhesive giving it the best bond to the boxes so as to avoid any pilferage. 

Create branded packaging with Printmytape's custom printed tape

Create packaging that gives a very good & lasting first impression. Do that by applying our logo printed tapes on the products you deliver. Custom printed tapes create a very good brand image in customers' minds and help you in retaining them. At the same time printed tapes help you in advertising your brand to potential customers during transit. 

Securely ship your products

Custom printed tapes help you to securely ship and deliver your products to customers. Packaging tapes are the most essential packing tool that helps you to ship your products with the highest safety during transit and avoid any damage. Also, it helps you to deliver the products securely to the customer.

Features of Printed Tapes

Our tapes are made of BOPP Film and Acrylic Adhesive. All our tapes are of 42 Micron and above so as to ensure that your packages are always secure. Our logo printing is done between the film & adhesive also known as reverse printing or sandwich printing giving it a long-lasting shelf life. Also in this type of printing, the logo never fades off as it is between the film and adhesive. All our printing is done using the best technology & advanced printing system. We offer tapes in wide range of width and size as per customer demand

We offer printed tapes in all sizes i.e. 0.5 inch, 1 inch, 1.5 inch, 2 inch, 3 inch & 4 inch. Also, it can be customized further as per customer needs 

The length of tapes is standard 65 Meters but can be customized as customer demands

Our MOQ starts from 1 box which is the industry-wide lowest MOQ. We offer up to 6 colors of printing on tapes. 

Why Printmytape for custom Printed tape?

We are trusted by more than 1000 customers and have been delivering the highest quality custom printed tape since our inception in 2019. 

We have successfully delivered to our customers on time and at the best cost. 

We offer the lowest MOQ possible in printed tape.

PAN India Delivery of Custom Printed Tape

Our products are made using the highest quality material and are dispatched only after various quality checks. We can deliver on more than 6000 pin codes through our delivery partners all over India.

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